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One very big thank you goes to the whole Factorio community, namely on the Factorio forums and on Steam.

  • They have been testing experimental versions and found many bugs.
  • They created some great mods for the game.
  • They have been helping out to the people new to the game.
  • They have provided us with ideas, suggestions and feedback.
  • They have translated the game to many languages.


The following people have generously donated money to Factorio development. They have our deepest gratitude.

  • €300 by anonymous on 2016-07-14
    Keep up the good work!
  • €250 by Loki on 2016-06-12
    Pollution has never been so much fun!
  • €200 by Ulf on 2015-05-14
    This is game is awesome, thank you very much. I also appreciate your attitude with respect to code stability and speed that today is becoming increasingly rare. I also like the fact that you support multiple operating systems including Linux.
  • €200 by Kenton Varda on 2015-08-26
    We've been playing this at almost every LAN party at since multiplayer became possible.
  • €180 by Blake W. on 2016-04-07
    Thank you for such prompt and helpful support.
  • €100 by Ernie on 2015-04-08
    Thank you very much for developing this game. Looking forward to an improved train network, and, hopefully, integration into the logistics network. :)
  • €100 by korea on 2015-06-21
    부디 모두의 기대에 상응하는 게임으로 출시되기를...
  • €100 by Meben Laramide on 2015-08-29
    For modular exoskeleton armor, Fridays, multiplayer, resync and the adjustable lag compensator.
  • €50 by AnarCon on 2015-07-21
    I absolutely love the stuff you put into 0.12, having so much fun playing vanilla now. Here's a little something something for the continued awesome effort you guys do
  • €50 by on 2016-03-07