3D artist


This is the opportunity for you to craft the visual side of Factorio. Results of your work will be seen by tens of thousands of people playing the game.

We spend most of our time in Blender, from creating 3D models all the way to rendering. Whenever applicable (things or parts that aren't animated), sprites are touched-up in Photoshop. Often images are organized and combined in Adobe After Effects.


  • Enthusiasm and interest.
  • Physical presence at the office at least 2 times per week.
  • Communication in English.
  • Knowledge of Blender (advanced).
  • Alternatively, excellence in another 3D application, with willingness to switch to Blender.
  • Knowledge of Photoshop (basic).
  • Knowledge of After Effects (basic).

What you get

  • An interesting job in a small team.
  • Job satisfaction - see the results of your work in the game.
  • Very good salary (including performance bonuses).
  • Flexible working conditions.

How to apply

Send us an informal motivation letter at [email protected] with your CV attached and a link to your portfolio.