macOS game developer


We are looking for reinforcement to our programming team and especially to the part of the team developing for macOS (to keep the game development multi-platform). This is the opportunity for you to become a part of creative force behind Factorio. Even after the game is finished, we have other projects in mind.

Factorio is written in C++. We try to use the modern language features a lot. We use Lua for scripting. The game is built on top of the SDL library (with OpenGL and d3d backends). We value long term sustainable programming solutions over quick hacks (but pragmatism beats purity). The code is often heavily optimized for speed. This (and not only this) brings up interesting programming challenges regularly. The software development is currently done by about 12 people.



What you get

How to apply

Send us an informal motivation letter at with your CV attached and a link to your programming portfolio.