Below are some of the noteworthy companies/individuals that we work with.

Daniel James Taylor

Freelance musician from the UK and author of the complete soundtrack and all of the sound effects in Factorio.

Invent The World

An Austrailan company focused on providing educational computer related courses for children. As part of their programme they use computer games like Minecraft, Kerbal Space Program and recently Factorio.

Server providers

Below are some of the server providers we would recommend.

Creeper Host

UK server provider company with a variety of server packages to choose from and a high quality service.

Ping Perfect

Worldwide server provider with an emphasis on quality, performance and customer support. Free 48 hour trials available through support tickets.

Zap Hosting

German based server provider company offering high performance and reliable servers for many games.


LOW.MS is a worldwide hosting company who specialise in hosting servers for lesser-known indie titles along with mainstream games.


Offers high performance Factorio servers from their worldwide datacenters. 9 languages and a 24/7 Support Team.


The world's largest and leading Game Server Hosting provider


Provides great servers at low prices without compromising your experience or security. 7 day money back guarantee.


Servernetic features EU & NA Slot and VPS based prepaid gameservers. Friendly staff, state of the art server hardware with DDoS protection.


Leading game server provider with worldwide locations. Full support for Factorio and its mods at industry low prices. Live support team available 24/7.

Hicoria Hosting

Czech game server hosting with servers located in Prague. Low latency across the whole of Europe. Great quality at friendly prices. allows you to buy, deploy and manage custom Factorio servers from the comfort of discord. Affordable, reliable, and easy to use server hosting with one click mod installs.

Akliz, Inc.

Makes game servers awesome. Play your favorite games under one simple plan. Create multiple servers and run them at the same time.

Wizit Hosting

Provides superb quality game servers based in North America and Europe, with a team of dedicated support staff around the clock.


Instantly create your own Factorio server with a click of a button, and swap to dozens of other games hosted by Nodecraft.