Press and Youtube

We are happy that you are interested in featuring the game on your channel / site. Start by checking out our presskit. Let us know if there is anything we can help you with.


You can contact us at

Free preview / review keys

We are giving free game keys to youtubers and press writers to evaluate the game. If your channel / site has more than 1000 subscribers / followers then contact us by email for the preview copy. If your channel / site has a significant impact we can provide you with promotion keys for your subscribers.


  • Get the official logo pack. There are different logo sizes, the factorio wheel as well as vectorial logos.
  • You can also use our official screenshots.


  • Monetized videos are alright.
  • Always include link to the game website and possibly further information (information about free demo, price of the alpha, etc.).
  • Factorio is a slow paced game in the beginning. If you are making a first look / preview video please consider to play the game yourself for some time (couple of hours). That should give you a good overview of what the game is really about (and also some experience :)).