Deadlines flying by

Posted by Tomas on 2012-12-15

I love deadlines. I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by.

Douglas Adams

Today was our internal deadline for a public demo. Well it just whooshed by without leaving any demo behind. The code and functionality is pretty much there in place. However we are still waiting for the graphics. It takes time and gets frustrating, but we carry on. Just to stay on the safe side I won't mention any more deadlines, even though we still have some internally :).

As you might have noticed the webpage got a new look. This comes in multiple flavors:

  • logo We settled on simple text in interesting font with a dominant element being the wheel representing the factory.
  • icons We are using free svg icons taken from raphaeljs project
  • template We moved to slate bootstrap template.

As for the work on the game itself we continue along exhausting path full of fighting bugs and adding small improvements. Recently we focused quite a bit on speed improvements as well. Things get challenging once you have a factory with transport belts moving around heaps of ores, coal, iron plates, etc. Oh and weapons. Are you getting tired of those creepers attacking your factory ? Well now you can get rid of them by way more means than just shooting from the rifle. There is a machine gun, rocket launcher, flamethrower and mines are just around the corner.

We also have news regarding the team composition. You don't get these that often with teams of our size :) Petr is now a full-time member of the team. Until now he has been working on the project part-time while doing his daily job as a database developer. Well, he quit and now he is a full-time "Factorian".