Friday Facts #98 - Just fixing bugs

Posted by kovarex on 2015-08-07

Hello, another bugfixing week is behind us, there seems to be temperature records every other day in the Czech Republic so the productivity is much better during the night, when it is "only" 25 degrees. Now I start to experience the need of siesta and night live in the countries with hot climate.

The 0.12.3 release

The 0.12.3 brings several bug fixes, extension of the lag-hiding mechanism to repairs and circuit network wire building and also the new version of the main menu background image which is upgraded version of the image we presented two weeks ago. It is starting to be hard to fix bugs, as big portion of them is related to crashes in audio driver logic, certain windows with AMD cards or specific Mac os with certain system locale etc. Seems like we will have to buy one or two computers with specific configurations to test these kind of things, but it is quite fine overall and the stable could be here in a few weeks (releases).

The technology icons

Almost all of the item icons which started as placeholders like random google image results or ms paint works have been properly replaced by our graphics. One of the big set of icons we ignored were the technology icons. This is going to be main focus of Albert from now on, as we really need these icons to be consistent, good looking and have bigger resolution of the preview. But mainly, they shouldn't violate any copyrights, like the alien technology icon. To be honest I had no idea about the fact that it is from a different game as the icon was downloaded from totally unrelated source. There are 87 technology icons so far, so there is quite a big amount of work to be done, but we definitely need to solve this before we go on steam.

Multisampling not supported from now on

This is partially an experiment, but due to the different kind of tiling problems related to multisampling, we decided to not support it in the newest version (0.12.3). The problems are visible on terrain, pipes, transport belts, even the minimap or the gui. It can still be configured in the config file when someone really needs it for some reason, but we won't solve graphical issues caused by using this settings from now on.

As always come to our forums and let us know what you think.