Factorio is a game in the alpha stage. However, there is a LOT of content already. Also the game is quite stable (that is what the players say :D). We try hard to fix bugs and things players find annoying. There are updates coming out about every 6 months. Check out our roadmap and our blog.

Current Content

  • Mining, logistic and production systems

    This is the core of the game. Mining drills digging up the ground for ore. Robotic arms moving material from one side to another. Lines of furnaces smelting the precious ores. Assembling Machines automatically building further products. And conveyor belts literally everywhere.

  • Energy

    So you have all these machines, but they don't run for free. You need to make enough electricity to power them up. Will you go for cheap steam, which makes tons of pollution, or for the expensive but eco friendly solar? Late in the game you can even build highly effective nuclear power systems.

  • Research

    You are clever and skilfull, but you don't know everything out of the box. Research the technologies to make your way up the tree to completely automated and self sufficient factories.

  • Oil refining

    There is more to the production than just minerals, this planet is rich in oil as well, and you will need it. Pump it from the depths. Break it to fractions in Oil Refineries and put it to good use in Chemical plants.

  • Trains

    Belts are great for minerals... if the mineral fields are close and not that big. Otherwise you better build a good-old train tracks and scale your logistics to a new level.

  • Logistic robots

    The "third support" of the logistic system. You need advanced technology for this. But once you have it you have all these cool looking drones that move the stuff for you based on some general conditions you set up.

  • Blueprints and building robots

    Tired of manually building another mining site? Just use a blueprint. Define what should be built, provide the material and a bunch of construction drones will build the whole thing for you.

  • Circuit network

    You want to have exactly 106 circuits in your buffers? No problem, just make a circuit that switches off the production line once you have reached the limit. This is an advanced but powerful concept where you can really "program" your factory. With items such as programmable speakers, complex arithmetic processors, lamps and more. The sky is the limit with this Turing complete system.

  • Pollution

    You are not welcome on this planet. With all your smokey machines that generate plenty of waste and destroy the environment. If you make too much pollution you better prepare for the enraged natives to come after you.

  • Fight

    Those natives are really annoying, aren't they? You need to build walls and turrets to protect from their attacks. But wait, there is a plenty of military options for you to "solve the situation", from mobile combat robots, flamethrowers, tanks, artillery and more.

  • Singleplayer freeplay

    The main singleplayer give a singular goal to aim towards. The task is simple, build the silo, build the rocket and launch a satellite into space. You will need to do your best to achieve this goal. On top of that every game is a different challenge because of our procedural map generation.

  • Scenarios

    We package several scenario and campaign missions with the game. These are intersting and unique gameplay modes which explore a different style of gameplay, from combat focused goals, to pure puzzle or production challanges.

  • Modding support

    Factorio is designed from the beginning to be highly moddable. Most of the game data are stored in the Lua data files and can be changed by the mods. Mods can also change behavior of the running game via modding scripts, also written in Lua language.

  • Map editor

    The game has a custom built in map editor. We used it to make all the campaign and scenario maps. It is there for you to make new content for the game. You can also attach a Lua script to the map and make a challenge scenario with specific set of rules.

  • Multiplayer

    Build the factory with your buddies, or just visit a game of your friends and let them show you around. The multiplayer system in the game has been refined and polished over the course of development, and is highly stable a dependable, for private games, and for large public servers.

Work in progress

The 1.0 release is estimated to be ready in 6-8 months. That doesn't mean the game development will stop then, rather it is a point when we will consider the game complete and anything else will be a bonus. The following list is an example of things (not everything is there) we plan to do before Factorio 1.0.

  • Polishing

    Factorio has a lot of content, but it is quite rough around the edges. There are plenty of tiny little details that we need to solve. Improve the GUI and UX, balance parts of the gameplay, polish the graphics, tweak the campaigns, the list goes on for a while.

Possible future content

There are plenty of ideas on our forums. The following list is just a couple of ideas we would love to see in the game in the future, maybe in a Factorio expansion/DLC.

  • Space platforms

    Build and launch space platforms that can travel to asteroids or other planets. The platform would be a factory within a limited amount of space. Use the platforms to mine exotic resources from asteroids, supply goods to trade stations, or land on new planets. But beware, space is full of threats!

  • Alien interaction

    If you are nice to them, they are nice to you. Keep the pollution low and you can learn about the planet inhabitants. Maybe even trade or cooperate with them. Or just take advantage of them. Catch them, study them in research facilities so you can come up with better ways to "deal with them".

  • RTS elements

    In the late game you have this monstrous factory full of machines, trains and flying robots. But you are still a guy running around on your own. Wouldn't it be cool if you could get into your command center and just give orders to your building / combat drones?

  • Moving underground

    So you have tamed the surface of the planet. But how about going below the ground?

  • Food industry

    Now you are alone, but there might be colonists coming here. Better prepare to grow some food for them. Or maybe feed the biters trapped in your research facilities? Also how about using bio-fuels/bio-plastics for your factory?