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Friday Facts #146 - The GFX workflow

Posted by Albert on 2016-07-08

The GFX department is back today for covering the process of making graphics for Factorio. I'll get a bit technical, but not too much in order to don't be absolutely boring. Next comes a resumed description of the actual process, so if you are a Factorio modder this might be interesting for you. The start of a new entity The Game...

Friday Facts #144 - The gfx report

Posted by albert on 2016-06-24

Hello Factorians, Most of the week has been spent by tweaking and fixing stuff that keeps coming up for the Monday release. Even though things seem to work reasonably well for us a lot of the reported issues are to be expected. Especially regarding the Matching Server and the Mod Portal. It is quite tricky to test these things in our...

Friday Facts #69 - Sympathy for the creeper

Posted by albert on 2015-01-17

Imagine yourself living in a perfectly balanced natural environment. With total freedom. A place where your ancestors have been the inhabitants for centuries. Evolving, understanding, and being part of this peaceful world and rich ecosystem. Totally integrated. On this land you can get aliment easily, due the lack of serious predators and...