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Friday Facts #268 - The modern Biter

Posted by Ernestas, Albert, Klonan on 2018-11-09

Besides vegetable and plant stuff, biters are the main population on the surface of the Factorio planet. They are the locals, and somehow, from a twisted perspective, they can even be considered the bad guys. Not anymore. The magic of high resolution gives us the chance to move deeper into their conceptualisation and we've added a new...

Friday Facts #227 - Rendering, Trees & Scenario talk

Posted by Posila, Ernestas & Klonan on 2018-01-26

Hello, another week has passed here, with part of the team still out in Taiwan. They should be back next week, with some news of their great adventure. Rendering/VRAM optimizations (Posila) With the addition of high resolution sprites we have started pushing memory limits of GPUs much harder than we originally anticipated. Currently the...