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Friday Facts #399 - Trash to Treasure

Posted by Earendel, kovarex, V453000 on 2024-02-23

Hello, It's Earendel back for another electric adventure. You got your first look at Fulgora in FFF-398. (If you haven't read that already please read that first.) Now let's take a look at the new planet's mechanics.

Friday Facts #393 - Putting things on top of other things

Posted by V453000 on 2024-01-12

Hello, I have an irresistible urge to tell you a little story. I'm sure you come here for stories, don't you?

Friday Facts #387 - Swimming in lava

Posted by V453000 on 2023-12-01

Hello, In the last FFF-386 we covered the natural landscape of Vulcanus which mostly showed the visuals, but as you are probably aware we always put gameplay first. Now it's time to find out what kind of greater good you can do to the planet...

Friday Facts #381 - Space Platforms

Posted by V453000 on 2023-10-20

Hello, Several FFFs ago we have shown you what a Space platform can look like (FFF-373), today we would like to explain how they work in a bit more detail.

Friday Facts #378 - Trains on another level

Posted by V453000 on 2023-09-29

Hello! The code refactor of rails presented last week is great, but the motivation for such a task wasn't quite just some shape changes for rails. As explained last week, we can now define any kind of rail shape, and we had some very specific shapes in mind all along...

Friday Facts #377 - New new rails

Posted by V453000 on 2023-09-22

Hello! There are certain areas in Factorio that we haven't really had the courage to change for a long time. One of those areas has been the rail system...

Friday Facts #376 - Research and Technology

Posted by kovarex, V453000, Klonan on 2023-09-15

Hello, This week we will talk about some technology and research related changes coming in 2.0 and the Space Age expansion.

Friday Facts #367 - Expansion news

Posted by Klonan, kovarex, V453000 on 2022-02-04

Hello, long time no talk, we've got some catching up to do... Almost 1 year ago (FFF-365) we said "we don't think that [the expansion] will take less than a year to develop". Well it has been less than a year and it is not finished, so we kept our word on that :). But while it might not be finished, there is a still a lot we have done so far.

Friday Facts #363 - 1.1 is getting close

Posted by kovarex, Klonan, V453000 on 2020-11-13

1.1 is getting close kovarex I have been tracking the amount of tasks and forum bugs required to finish 1.1 since the 1.0 release. This allowed me to get quantifiable feedback whether we are actually keeping the timeframe of the 1.1 release reasonable, or digging too deep and expanding the scope too much. If we extrapolate the graph, the 1.1 experimental should be ready next week.

Friday Facts #362 - Menu simulation, Spidertron, Ghost building, Confirm button

Posted by kovarex, V453000 on 2020-10-30

Menu simulation V453000 In the last FFF, we presented that we now have the capability to show real game simulations in the Tips and tricks. Naturally we asked ourselves what else could we use this new technology for... We've dreamed about this multiple times in the past, but the technical roadblocks didn't make us think too seriously. We'd like the main menu background to be a real animated simulation of the game, similar to what Transport Tycoon or Rollercoaster Tycoon games have. Instead of things like cinematic trailers, we always present the game in its true form, and the menu background does not follow this logic. Also, any time we improve any graphics, a static image immediately gets older while a real game simulation is updated automatically. We've created a variety of scenes that each demonstrate some feature(s) of the game, from first miners all the way to the artillery and Spidertron. The screen is quite zoomed in and the factories are rather small, so it's more of a demonstration of the game's features rather than a showcase of "the best things anybody has ever built". The scenes are randomly rotated, where all of them have to play once before any repeat. The main menu should include both Factorio and Wube software logos. The Factorio logo has been used in many places from prints to trailers many times already. Its concept is that the logo is an entity like any other, and integrates itself into the world by being built there if at all possible. The Wube logo is different, both graphically and in concept, so we can't represent it as an entity. It makes a lot of sense that Wube is in a layer underneath the world of Factorio, so we're using it as a special water tile. From now on, the Factorio entity and Wube water tile are both buildable in the map editor without the use of mods. The "water-wube" only works well in specific positions, as it repeats in a 8x8 tile pattern, so fitting it in an existing factory can be tricky. To make it clear that behind the menu is not your factory, every scene has the logos in the exact same position, and the screen has a vignette-like shader on the edges.