Friday Facts #240 - Factorio-data & Fast pipe replace

Posted by Klonan on 2018-04-27

Hello. It has been a quiet week in the office, we are slowly arranging everything needed for the office moving, which (if all goes to plan) will happen 7-11th of May.

Factorio-data repository

We received a request a short while ago from one of our mod creators, sparr, asking permission to host a public repository of all the Factorio prototype data. This has many potential uses for our community of modders and content creators:

  • Online references, cheat sheets, and calculators; can use it to automatically update when new versions are released.
  • Link directly to specific library code and entity definitions when discussing such matters on the forums, GitHub issues for mods, Discord etc.
  • Browse diffs between the versions, seeing the implementation of prototype changes we mention in the changelog.

It seemed like a pretty good idea, but we decided it would be better if we did it ourselves. That way we can verify and validate that it is correct, and also add it to our deploy process so it is fully automated. Wheybags made quick work of the implementation, so now all interested parties can check out our Factorio-data repository.

Pipe fast replace

We added the belt fast-replace feature back in 0.16 (more), but as it goes with adding QoL features, it makes us see the deficiencies in other areas.

So a very similar feature request was passed along to Dominik, "Same thing with the underground belts, but for pipes". It was completed a while back, but only recently was merged into our 0.17 branch, so I can show it off:

As always, let us know what you think on our forum.