Friday Facts #31 - Factorio is going places

Posted by kovarex on 2014-04-25


as mentioned in the last update the word about Factorio started to spread much faster than we were used to. We are happy about that and we would like to thank to all the people who helped to spread the word. We have been contacted by several youtubers, and told all of them to wait for the release of their videos until the 1st of May so there is a good chance that we didn't even reach the peak so far. The reason why we want to wait for the 1st may is because it is the release date of our new trailer, we were ready to send Albert home to see his wife already, but his perfectionism didn't let him as he decided to remake the last entity for the trailer, the steam generator. It is already remodelled now, waiting to be retextured, so we are almost finished.

Most of the work now is still related to the multiplayer. I keep fixing one desynchronisation bug a day, so I'm near to being able to replay the demo campaign. We are discussing the details of networking almost daily and it seems like our second model of network synchronisation is going to be more consistent than the first one. I hope that the Factorio dev proverb (The third version is usually good) will not apply to this.

In the meantime, I started to do a little research of the problem with the growing video memory requirements. It is going to be more relevant in the future if we want to add different enemies or machines, so anyone who knows about game programming could give us a hint.

Destroying and building stuff is always more fun with effects.

We are always eager to learn what you think at our forums.