Friday Facts #319 - New T-shirts & Lua event filtering

Posted by Jitka, Albert, Aleš, Klonan, Rseding on 2019-11-01

There is a bit of a cold/flu going around the office, but it isn't severe enough to dampen our spirits (I don't like the daylight savings though).

New T-shirts Jitka, Albert, Aleš, Klonan

Ever since we launched the classic Grey T-shirt back in November 2017, we've been asked when we're going to have more designs. Over the last few months Jitka, Albert, and Aleš, have been working on our new collection, which is now available.

Check out our store page for full product details.

We chose the Inserter and the Electronic circuit, as we feel that they are some of the items that best represent the game.

Once again, its the small details of which we are really proud. This time we are incorporating the new Wube logo into the print, as well as continuing our Factorio Dude printed label.

We have also updated our classic Factorio logo on grey with the new T-shirt design, which means that all the T-shirts are available in 3XL (Triple-XL), including the older design which previously only went up to 2XL. We have also printed a small batch of the Factorio logo T-shirts in a Ladies cut.

Several weeks ago, we mentioned that we bought a new rack for the server room (FFF-315). The secret we have been keeping is that we didn't just buy new racks for the server room, but also for the merchandise room. Now that we have the new T-shirt collection, the shelves are filled quite nicely.

The new T-shirt collection is available on our website from today. Please bear in mind that we are packaging and shipping all the T-shirts ourselves in the office, we aren't handling things through any 3rd party distributor. What this means is that shipping isn't super fast and we can't really guarantee any shipment dates. Generally the T-shirts reach European addresses within 1 week, and reach North America within 2.

With Christmas approaching, shipping times may be longer, so if you are looking to gift a Factorio T-shirt this upcoming holiday season, we would recommend ordering as soon as possible. Please note we still impose a 3 T-shirt limit on all orders.

Lua event filters Rseding

Every so often someone makes a mod interface request that grabs my attention - not because of the actual benefits the request will give (although that helps) but from a pure challenge perspective: I start thinking "that sounds difficult (and fun) - but I think I can do it - so how I can do that in an efficient/expandable way?...".

Several weeks ago someone requested a way to filter the different prototypes from the game on the C++ side instead of having to do it all Lua side:

  1. Grab all of them.
  2. Iterate through them one by one.
  3. Store only the ones I care about.
Their reasons made sense to me and it was one of those challenging things that grabbed my attention. I finished it - and it has been out for several weeks.

Shortly after that someone asked for the same system for Lua events; mentioning that most mods don't actually want most events when they subscribe to one - but only a small subset of what would trigger a given event. It also made sense to me and it was even more of a challenge to take the already working filtering system I had and make it work for something I didn't intend. The end result though works quite nicely and can be expanded as we find different events needing different filters.

What this means overall, is that modders will be able to write cleaner and more efficient Lua scripts, and everybody will benefit from less UPS spent filtering the events on the script side.

/r/Factorio Extra Life charity stream Klonan

This weekend the moderators over at the Factorio subreddit are taking part in the Extra Life charity event. They will be streaming Factorio to help raise money for Children's hospitals in the US and Canada. There are some more details on the Reddit post.

As always, let us know what you think on our forum.