Friday Facts #90 - Trying to be on schedule

Posted by kovarex on 2015-06-12

Hello, it is starting to be quite hot here and summer just started. We started to play games during Fridays (at least part of the day), and today we played Don't Starve together which is kind of addictive to be honest, so I really had to force myself to stop and give you some Factorio updates.

The feature programming part is almost over

Michal is tweaking the last details of the personal roboport, the logistic trash feature is working properly and it is possible to set different forces and alliances (only controllable by script now). There are few last things to be done related to the combinators, like being able to connect more wires to the same input/output, but most of the remaining work is just tweaking, which means we are only few days behind the 0.12 schedule. We should start focusing on the bug hunting the next week.

Chain signals

This is the second version of the chain signal graphics, we needed to make it understandable which rail are they connected to, so the result is the direct integration with the rail.

Storage tanks

Did you miss the opportunity to see the type and amount of fluid inside the storage tanks? Worry no more, as the updated storage tank gives you a peek inside:

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