Indiegogo Last Week

Posted by Tomas on 2013-02-26

Hello guys,just a short catchup today. We have entered the last week of our Indiegogo campaign. Things have been going well recently.

We have more than 1000 contributors and we are over 13 500 euro. This means that with 6 days still left we now stand on 20 % time left and 20 % contributions missing to reach our goal.This looks very positive. The campaign is not over, but considering our slow started we are now quite optimistic regarding the outcome.

There is a great community forming at our forums. People over there are helping us by reporting bugs and posting their ideas. We also have a section for sharing the user's creations. There are already quite some amazing factories to check out. If you are new to Factorio, the forums is a great place to start.

Thanks a lot to all of you supporting Factorio. We are working hard to match your expectations.