Preorder Started

Posted by Tomas on 2013-03-18


as promised we have started the Factorio Alpha preorder today.

Our PayPal funds have finally been unlocked and delivered to our bank account. Therefore it will be possible to buy the game with both Bitcoins and via the PayPal. The PayPal also accepts credit cards from the users who don't have the PayPal account. However our recommended payment solution is the Bitcoins. We believe that Bitcoins have a huge potential to become a world-wide online currency. We are proud to sell Factorio accounts with Bitcoins.

At the moment there are three membership tiers for you to select from. When you perform the preorder you will automatically receive an email with your account upgrade code. This will allow you to upgrade your account and get the alpha version of the game immediately. The extra contents on top of the Alpha access (wallpapers, scenario packs, etc.) is not ready yet. We are working on this.

By preordering you are supporting further Factorio development. Thank you !