Preorder starting soon

Posted by Tomas on 2013-03-15


here is an update on the status of the alpha preorder. We have received a lot of emails with people asking whether and how it will be possible to buy the access to the alfa version of the game. Originally it wasn't our plan to have any preorder while the game is in the early stages of the development. However we listened to the inputs from the people who have missed the Indiegogo campaign and we have decided to setup a preorder directly on our website.

The preorder will be done in a similar fashion as the Indiegogo campaign. We will start with couple of membership tiers offering different perks to the users. The tiers will more or less correspond to those in the Indiegogo campaign. The lowest tier will be 10€ and the alpha access will be present in all of them. At the moment we are still working on preparations of the extra perks on top of the alpha access. Those will be delivered later.

For now the preorder will be done via PayPal and BitPay. PayPal allows both direct PayPal payments as well as credit card payments. All done in EUR currency. On the other hand BitPay is a Bitcoin payment solution. We are also working on adding direct debit card payments in USD. However those are not ready yet.

Ok finally the important information. The preorder is planned to start on 18th of March 2013 (next Monday). We had some issues with PayPal (yet again:)) and they should hopefully be resolved by that date. If all goes well will start the preorder. Thanks for waiting.