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Friday Facts #326 - Particle emitter & Data cache

Posted by Allaizn, Rseding, Klonan on 2019-12-20

More particle optimisations Allaizn Rseding's recent optimisations of the particle system (FFF-322) made particles much more lightweight than they were before, but it still left particles as rather complex beasts. A quick summary of the possible actions a particle can make during it's update: Move their own position. Advance their animation to another frame. Land in water and apply a trigger. Apply another trigger with a certain frequency. Remove themselves from the game world once their life time ends. What makes this complex is that triggers are general purpose systems that can do all kinds of things, including creating and destroying entities, fire, smoke and other particles as well as playing sounds or recursively applying even more triggers. In other words: applying a trigger is an "anything can happen" situation and thus totally unpredictable, which in turn makes optimisations extremely hard.

Friday Facts #324 - Sound design, Animated trees, Optimizations

Posted by Jitka, Ian, Albert, Allaizn, Rseding on 2019-12-06

Factorio logo patches Jitka We would like to introduce our new fabric Factorio logo patches, which are now available at our e-shop. These sew-on embroidered patches are ideal for clothing, hats, backpacks, etc. The dimensions are 2.5 x 12 cm. As we are uncertain how large the demand for these patches is going to be, we have only limited stock available at the moment. Please note that our online store ships only once a week every Wednesday, and it is highly possible that the orders placed now will not be delivered before the 25th or December, this applies especially for orders shipped outside of Europe.