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Friday Facts #167 - Reactors Operational

Posted by Klonan on 2016-12-02

Hello, Denis has joined us for another month here in the office, a small overlap with Rseding who is flying back to the USA next week. With the festive season upon us, Tomas and Kovarex have both taken some time off for a vacation.

Friday Facts #166 - Combat Revisit

Posted by Klonan on 2016-11-25

Hello,the hopefully final 0.14 version was recently released, meanwhile most of the team have been assigned their major tasks for 0.15.

Friday Facts #162 - Theme Art Again

Posted by Klonan on 2016-10-28

Hello, the 0.14 stabilization is still ongoing, we are in the final stretch now and hope our latest release might be declared stable soon, along with a marketing push on steam. Until then here is some news about ongoing developments this week:

Friday Facts #155 - Settling into fall

Posted by Klonan on 2016-09-09

Hello, Bugfixing for 0.14 has been going quite well this week, and while its still in experimental we've been adding some supplementary features before programming work begins properly on 0.15. With the summer ending, things have been settling back into a nice rhythm here in the office.

Friday Facts #153 - 0.13 Stable, 0.14 Experimental

Posted by Klonan on 2016-08-26

Hello, Albert is back this week, and has resumed his work on the liquid wagon and associated accessories, as well as offering his guidance to some visual related programming tasks. Kuba and Honza are also both back from their respective holidays, and overall the office is feeling much more full than last week.

Friday Facts #130 - Steam release side effects

Posted by Klonan on 2016-03-18

Hello, Your friday facts today are written by the community manager Klonan. He's been with us here in the office for nearly 2 months now, working hard marketing the steam release and responding to all the media inquiries sent to our email. He's going to write a little about the behind the scenes of the steam release.