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Friday Facts #374 - Smarter robots

Posted by kovarex, Oxyd, Klonan on 2023-09-01

Hello, today we are going to talk about some flying robot behavior improvements. Some of the problems we fixed were reported countless times, so I hope that some people will appreciate it :).

Friday Facts #337 - Statistics GUI and Mod Debugger

Posted by Klonan, Oxyd, Justarandomgeek on 2020-03-06

Statistics GUI Klonan, Oxyd The statistics GUI (electric network stats, production stats, etc.) is one of the GUIs that has been in the game for a very long time, and has had its functionality fleshed out reasonably over the years. It was not long ago when Twinsen added hovering and highlighting to the graphs. Given that, and the relatively short timeframe for 1.0 release, the update of the statistics GUI has really just been a style update, no new features or heavy logic rewriting. Oxyd has most of the work done, so we are happy to show some real in-game screenshots of how it looks: A notable change with the electric stats is that the Satisfaction/Production/Accumulator charge are next to each other in a single row, as opposed to each in a separate row. The label for the exact amount has also been moved to inside of the progress bar, which itself is much thicker. The production stats are pretty much the same functionality wise. One new button you might spot is the search button. However there are some problems with the search feature. As you can see, production and consumption frames have a different search box independent from each other. The main problem is when pressing CTRL+F to perform a regular search: How do we know which frame to open? Of course this could lead to different solutions like the use of a cycle for the focus of the search, in which the second time you press CTRL+F the other frame gets the focus. Or both of the search boxes open at the same time but only one gets the focus. Or only one frame gets the focus and the other one works only by pressing the button. But let's face it, these "solutions" are not solid at all and create inconsistency in the main design. To solve this issue we decided that the simplest way to go is the use of just one search box on the header of the panel. This new location works as a general feature for the entire panel. One single search gives you 2 results, one on each frame. This solution is used in the new character window -to come soon- making it consistent with the whole design of the GUI. You can also see we took this opportunity to integrate the Kill statistics in with the rest, instead of being its own window with its own hotkey. The Statistics GUIs will need a few tweaks and polishings here and there before it is ready for release, but unless something unexpected happens you can expect it coming out in a release soon.

Friday Facts #317 - New pathfinding algorithm

Posted by Oxyd, TOGoS, Klonan on 2019-10-18

New pathfinding algorithm Oxyd Last week we mentioned the change to make biters not collide with each other, but that wasn’t the only biter-related update we released this past week. Somewhat coincidentally, this week’s updates have included something I’d been working on for a few weeks before – an upgrade to the enemy pathfinding system.

Friday Facts #273 - Cutscene controller & Localisation plan

Posted by Oxyd, Wheybags, Klonan on 2018-12-14

Hello, we recieved a lovely holiday gift from Steam this week: The note reads: Happy Holidays! From the Steam Team The chocolates are delicious and do not seem to be lasting long...

Friday Facts #170 - Blueprint library GUI design and redesign

Posted by Oxyd on 2016-12-23

Hello. With Christmas nearly upon us, life in the office has slowed down nearly to the point of complete hibernation. But we still bring you your scheduled programme to give you something to look forward to in the next year. For the past few weeks, I've been working on our shiny new blueprint library. We already introduced the library in FFF 161, but to briefly recapitulate: The blueprint library is a place for you to keep your blueprints, and it does two things for you: Blueprints that you save in your library are saved on your computer, and when you load a new save, those blueprints are still available in your library. In multiplayer games players can see each others blueprints and can exchange them easily.