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Friday Facts #236 - Building a rollup

Posted by V435000 on 2018-03-30

As you are probably already aware, some of our team members are going to attend PAX East in Boston next week. We figured we need some representative prints for our booth, but what to put there? We could have just made a big mega high resolution render of the player character or some other entity, but that would not tell the viewer much...

Friday Facts #225 - Bots versus belts (part 2)

Posted by Twinsen, kovarex & V435000 on 2018-01-12

The previous FFF seems to have caused quite a reaction. We had many discussions in the office regarding this topic, so this week some of us prepared some detailed responses. Bots vs. belts aftermath (Twinsen) I started the article from last week saying this was mostly of a rant, so just the opinions of a player who prefers belts over...