Friday Facts #328 - 2019 recap

Posted by Klonan on 2020-01-03

The office here in Prague is still 'closed' until next week, so not much is happening (so our team can rightfully rest). Things will get cracking again on Monday, and our first task is to get 0.18 done!

For that reason, the FFF today is a little on the short side.

2019 recap

2019 was quite a 'typical' year for us. We released 0.17 early in the year, did some bug-fixing for about 6 months, and then we went back to development work. Saying that, we hit some major milestones this year:

  • There was the all time concurrent player peak of over 22,500 with the 0.17 launch.
  • The historically low count of bug reports on the forum.
  • 2 million sales which we reached just last week.

You can see some correlations between this timeline and the commit frequency graph below.

Please note, the number of commits does not reflect the value and quality of an individual :).

It seems like we are somewhat 'in-sync' with each other, which I suppose has good and bad effects.

This year was also pretty good for the FFF blog itself. I would even say, this was the best year yet, with the highest quality and most well received posts we have ever produced.

In terms of readership (on our website), here are the top 5 FFF posts of this year:

  1. Friday Facts #283 - Prepare to Launch
  2. Friday Facts #282 - 0.17 in sight
  3. Friday Facts #317 - New pathfinding algorithm
  4. Friday Facts #303 - Under 100 bugs (but still not stable)
  5. Friday Facts #278 - The new quickbar
No surprise that our 0.17 launch announcement ones are the most popular.

And here is a graph showing the total website viewership statistics, because I also find them super interesting. You can really see the spikes every Friday :D. It is also funny, this year we started getting a lot of spam emails asking about posting 'sponsored articles' on our website. We would never accept any such proposals.

We really have a tough journey ahead of us this year, we are getting ready for the game to come out on September the 25th... Do or die, come what may. There are 9 months remaining now, and we have our work cut out. We'll keep you up to date on our progress, and we hope you will keep us up to date on your thoughts, at the usual place.