Friday Facts #379 - Abstract rewiring

Posted by boskid, StrangePan, Klonan on 2023-10-06

Let me show you around. That's our lab table and this is our work-stool. And over there is our interplanetary space-platform! And here's where we keep assorted lengths of wire. Whoa! A real live space-platform! We designed it ourselves. Let us show you some of the different lengths of wire we used.

Friday Facts #378 - Trains on another level

Posted by V453000 on 2023-09-29

Hello! The code refactor of rails presented last week is great, but the motivation for such a task wasn't quite just some shape changes for rails. As explained last week, we can now define any kind of rail shape, and we had some very specific shapes in mind all along...

Friday Facts #377 - New new rails

Posted by V453000 on 2023-09-22

Hello! There are certain areas in Factorio that we haven't really had the courage to change for a long time. One of those areas has been the rail system...

Friday Facts #376 - Research and Technology

Posted by kovarex, V453000, Klonan on 2023-09-15

Hello, This week we will talk about some technology and research related changes coming in 2.0 and the Space Age expansion.

Friday Facts #375 - Quality

Posted by kovarex on 2023-09-08

Hello, Today we are going to talk a little bit about a big feature in the expansion, Quality!

Friday Facts #374 - Smarter robots

Posted by kovarex, Oxyd, Klonan on 2023-09-01

Hello, today we are going to talk about some flying robot behavior improvements. Some of the problems we fixed were reported countless times, so I hope that some people will appreciate it :).

Friday Facts #373 - Factorio: Space Age

Posted by kovarex, Earendel on 2023-08-25

Hello, long time no see! Today we are going to talk about the expansion which is called Factorio: Space Age.

Friday Facts #372 - 2022 recap

Posted by Albert, Klonan, Twinsen, Vinzenz on 2022-12-30

Hello, another year has come and gone. We know this year we were very sparse with any details about the expansion, and it is what you all really want to hear about. Trust me we really want to tell you about it, and in time we will. There are still major sections of the gameplay being changed and adjusted, and if we tell you about them now, the information would quickly become outdated and inaccurate. For now, we can offer this Christmas postcard Albert has made, which has a sneak peek of some new item icons. As well, we do have some other topics we can discuss.

Friday Facts #371 - Apple Silicon

Posted by StrangePan on 2022-11-25

Hello, engineers! I'm a newer face at Wube and have been mainly working on expansion content for about one year now. Today, I'm here to share some exciting non-expansion news for our Mac players.

Factorio for Nintendo Switch is now available!

Posted by Twinsen on 2022-10-28

As announced previously, Factorio is now available for Nintendo Switch. You can find it on the Nintendo eShop in your region. I hope you will enjoy it. Remember that if you are not sure, you can try the demo. I recommend playing through the tutorial campaign even if you are a veteran player, as it gradually teaches you how to play the game with a controller.