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Friday Facts #227 - Rendering, Trees & Scenario talk

Posted by Posila, Ernestas & Klonan on 2018-01-26

Hello, another week has passed here, with part of the team still out in Taiwan. They should be back next week, with some news of their great adventure.

Friday Facts #226 - New mod portal & other news

Posted by Klonan on 2018-01-19

Hello, this week has been a week of typical bug fixing of 0.16, so development news wise, there is not much to write about. However we have some updates on some other goings on in the company.

Friday Facts #221 - 0.16 is out

Posted by kovarex & Klonan on 2017-12-15

Hello there. As you probably know, we released the experimental version of 0.16 this week. As usual after such a big release, we are working as best as we can to fix the bugs to make the game reasonably playable as soon as possible. Our current goal is to have semi-stable version before Christmas.

Friday Facts #215 - Multithreading issues

Posted by kovarex & Klonan on 2017-11-03

Hello, it is Friday once again.

Friday Facts #213 - The little things 2

Posted by Klonan on 2017-10-20

Hello, we are still here, working on the game.

Friday Facts #208 - Tips and tricks improvement

Posted by kovarex & Klonan on 2017-09-15

Hello, it's another Friday, so time for another Friday Facts.

Friday Facts #205 - Teaching the things that everybody knows

Posted by Klonan on 2017-08-25

Hello, it's vacation season here in the office, with a lot of the team taking some time off. We just released what will probably be the last version of 0.15, so now is the best time for everyone to take a breather.

Friday Facts #203 - Logistic buffer chest

Posted by kovarex & Klonan on 2017-08-11

Further optimisations I finished the item stack optimisations mentioned in FFF-198, and was able to do some performance tests. First I tested how many stacks on a big map actually need to use an externally allocated object (Item), and how many of them are plain. On the huge map I tested, it turned out that only 36K out of 1M stacks need the Item object. These were mainly science packs, as they need it for the progress of how used-up they are (and now when I think about it, it could also be omitted by only using the objects for science packs that are partially used up already). Overall factory performance was increased approximately 2% by this. It is nothing huge, but every bit matters. One of the programmer that has read access to the code (Zulan), came up with a pull request that improves performance in Factorio by prefetching memory in the update loops ahead. The problem when normally updating objects is, that CPU asks for memory representing the object. The memory is slow, at least compared to the CPU cache or the CPU speed. The memory transfer speed itself is not that slow, but the waiting (latency) time between ordering and receiving it is. This means, that what very often happens is, that CPU orders data of next entity from the memory, then it waits for quite a long time to get it, and then it does its logic. The memory prefetching partially solves it by doing this: Order data of the next entity from memory (prefetch) Do the logic of the current entity in the meantime Go back to start The overall measured performance improvements vary between 9-12%, which is certainly a nice addition.

Friday Facts #197 - Chugging along

Posted by Klonan on 2017-06-30

Hello, not much at all has happened this week. It has been rather quiet with the Art department out of office the last few days. However there has been some additional success on our recruitment drive, so there will be an additional 3-4 bodies (live) in the office within the next month.

Friday Facts #196 - Back on track

Posted by Rseding91, Twinsen & Klonan on 2017-06-23

Hello, after a lot of planning and preparation, the party on Saturday went very well. We really enjoyed spending time with some of our fans, and it has definitely sharpened our motivation to do right by our community and make the game as great as possible. With this festivity behind us, we started this week with some renewed focus.