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Friday Facts #364 - 1.1 stable

Posted by kovarex, Klonan, boskid, Rseding on 2021-01-29

Hello, we have a stable version! When we were releasing the 1.0 FFF-360, we actually stated that there were "around 150 bugs on the forums and around 80 internal tasks to be solved". These were obviously minor issues, things hard to reproduce or very rare problems. In other words, it was quite reasonably stable, which...

Friday Facts #349 - The 1.0 plan

Posted by Klonan, Rseding, Boskid on 2020-05-29

Hello, today we have some big news. The 1.0 plan Klonan In FFF-321 we announced a release date for version 1.0. Given recent events we have decided to make an amendment to the date of 1.0. The new date we are aiming for is Friday August 14th 2020, which is 5 weeks earlier than the original date. The main reason to change the...

Friday Facts #331 - 0.18.0 release & Train pathfinder changes

Posted by Klonan, V453000, boskid on 2020-01-24

Early this week we pushed the deploy button on 0.18.0 (patch notes). This was quite a surprise to many of our players, as more typically the time between major releases and the scope of the release is greater. However this isn't like the old days, we are trying to keep the size of releases as small as possible (FFF-314). What this...